About Indoor Garden Setup

I was mislead by the people at the hydro store so many times, it is crazy. They either don’t know anything or push you to buy things you don’t need on purpose. And not just one particular hydro store, I’ve been to a bunch, they all do the same thing. And the worst is, you can’t talk about Marijuana, which makes it very difficult to get any questions answered. So, the sales guy has no idea what your space looks like or what you are trying to do, but he suggests all these things that you don’t need or will not be able to use. I went through this and I want to help others avoid it.

Indoor Garden Setup Procedure

I can travel to your location or we can communicate via Skype. Once I know exactly what your needs are, I will give you a list of things you will need for the indoor garden. Please rest assured that I treat every client like I would treat myself or my relative. My mission is to save your time, money and stress.

Q. What makes you an indoor garden expert?
A.  I am not. I have gotten to this point by doing online research, talking to people who were willing to help, and personal experience. I did all this research so you don’t have to, and now I can get you to this point much easier.

I will teach and explain as much as I can. You will have direct contact with me via text or Skype in case of any questions and we will have scheduled appointments to see the progress and update you with the next steps. If I can’t answer your question, I will help you do the research and get answers.

Important when setting up an Indoor Garden

The truth is, you don’t need a big budget to get started, but you need to spend the money on the right stuff. There are a few things I don’t recommend “saving on”. Most of the indoor garden budget should go for: soil, lighting and nutrients, the rest can be improvised or manufactured for less money. Don’t think big in the beginning, I can get you started for under $500. in equipment.

Indoor Garden Setup Cloning

Cloning is a lot of fun. We will do it together and I will save you money right away by not buying those “plugs” and “cubes”. I stick my clones right in the soil and it works just fine. I just saved you money on the purchase and time on travel. And now you know the truth, so less stress:)

indoor garden setup growing techniquesLearning different techniques on getting bigger yield is cool too. Most states allow a certain number of plants. Well, there are ways how you can still get your weight. There are things you can do to the plants, that will make them grow bigger and bigger.


You will have an indoor garden like this in no time! 🙂