Wheatgrass used as Nutrients For Marijuana Plants

This page is about something I discovered on my own and want to share with you as my way of giving back. I learned half of what I know from the YouTube community and happy to share my findings. I discovered that I can easily grow organic nutrients right in my home for free. This is what happened, I started growing Wheatgrass for myself to eat and juice. It is of course known as a “life food” because it has pretty much every Vitamin and Mineral that we need for life. Well, it’s all the same stuff found in all the nutrients, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium among many others.

Wheatgrass is great food for your medical garden

I wasn’t able to find any posts or videos about people using Wheatgrass as nutrients. I knew that I needed to extract everything from the Wheatgrass so my plan was to use the idea I saw in one of the videos, where they mixed Wheatgrass powder with ice water for drinking.

How to use Wheatgrass to feed Medical Marijuana Plants

I dried the Wheatgrass, chopped it up into tiny pieces and mixed it with ice water. In about 20 hourse the Ph was perfect and the tea looked good. I loved what it did! The stems where green all the way through as well as leaf shape and texture. I did use other nutrients during this grow, but discovered that using only Wheatgrass is enough to keep your plants healthy and flowering great. Try it for yourself!

Quick update on these dispensary seeds I am growing with Wheatgrass. From the beginning, I gave them half nutrients from the store and half wheatgrass tea. This is the first time I did’t get any purple stems and leaves.

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